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January 26th, 2013 voicetut 13 comments

Dear our readers,

First we really want to say thanks to all who are reading Thank for the time you spent with us, your comments and opinions.

Our team had a conversation about We all love to write tutorials, explanations and answer questions from our readers. We love to support you to achieve your targets but our time is limited. So recently new questions, tutorials have not been added to voicetut. It is sad to say but if we keep this situation, voicetut cannot develop anymore. After that talk, we decide that voicetut should have a premium membership part to fully support you.

We really hope to continue bringing you amazing stuffs in the networking field. But without the fund, voicetut and other sites cannot operate. With your support, we can continue offering CCNA Voice questions more frequently. We also try our best to keep the fee as small as possible (currently $9 a month) while bringing you our best support.

Become premium member allows you to access:

+ Flash-based questions to check your knowledge with each topic of CCNA Voice – ICOMM.
+ Flash-based questions on all topics of CCNA Voice – ICOMM to help you fully prepare for the CCNA Voice exam. See example.
+ Over 50 more questions with explanation to practice.

We wish you to understand our situation now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here or contact us at

Thanks and regards,

Note: The Premium Membership is only dedicated for the CCNA Voice ICOMM exam.

Note: Currently we do not have newest questions and answers for the new release of the ICOMM exam so we temporarily disabled new registration on Premium Membership. Please wait for some time.

voicetut team.